Access to the gym at lunch will be restricted to students who have clean indoor shoes to wear.  Students may come in starting at 12:00.  The only door open will be the door closest to the Pit area.  Students will be expected to come in wearing their socks and show the teacher their clean indoor shoes before putting them on and using the space.  See the schedule posted by the door for a list of the daily activities. 

Expectations for Students Watching After School Athletics

Expectations for students coming to watch after school athletics:

1. You are there to watch, access to the school is limited to the gym and main foyer, no wondering the halls, going to lockers, etc

2. You cheer but don't jeer, we support our athletes but don't put down or disrespect their competitors

3. No recording of the events or posting images, etc online. We don't have consent so we don't record, you will be banned from all events if you do not follow this. 

OJSH Athletic Handbook and Video

To view important information for student athletes and their parents, please go to Athletic Handbook