2020/21 School Year-Athletics

All OJSH school extra curricular athletics for the 2020/21 school year are cancelled until further notice 

OJSH Cheer Team

We invite you to watch a video of this year's inaugural OJSH CHeer Team. 

The video was created by Kateri Kramer in grade 12 and a Cheer Team member.  

Our team had 17 students from grades 9 to 12. Fourteen of the students had never cheered before.  Coach Mrs. Elliott says: "I am so proud of all they accomplished, but even more proud of how they came together as a team.  There was such a wide range of personalities & social groups and they came together because they had one thing in common.  They renewed my love for coaching cheer and I will never forget what we had this year.  Hopefully, we can start again in the new school year."
Enjoy!  Go to

OJSH Athletic Handbook

To view important information for student athletes and their parents, please go to OJSH Athletic Handbook.

The information is also available on the Documents page under (About Us).