Onoway Music Parents Association

OMPA Agenda and minutes Tuesday January 7, 2020

  1. Call to order:Meeting was called to order at 6:05pm
  2. Introductions:
    1. Skipped as everyone knows everyone.
  3. Additions/deletions to Agenda:
    1. An idea was brought up to maybe sell poinsettia at the winter concert (Costco usually sells these for as little as 10 to 15 dollars).
      1. This would require a lottery licence same as when we hold a 50/50 draw so this must be coordinated through the fundraiser coordinator (at this time this is Christine Lapachuk
    2. Adoption of the Minutes:
      1. Accepted
    3. Approval of Minutes:
      1. Approved
    4. Colquhoun’s report:
      1. Winter concert (fundraiser) as mentioned in additions above.
      2. Grade 8 and 9 Camp Nakamun trip
        1. Is upcoming in Feb still need volunteers Mr. Colquhoun to send out email formally requesting this and for other volunteer opportunities.
      3. Whistler trip numbers:
        1. Confirmation of 34 people
        2. Cost is approximately $810 with about $148 off for each student from OMPA donation brings it to $762 less the deposit. More information to follow.
  1. AIBF honour band March 9th
    1. This is in Edmonton at the Arts Barns just off Whyte Ave
    2. This event is open to the public so parents and friends can go and watch.
  • Cost is usually nothing except 10 to 15 dollars for pizza lunch. More information to follow.
  1. Band hoodies:
    1. Color that has been voted on is Red variety of styles cost is relative to what each student selects to have put on to the hoodie (for example name instrument played honour band.
    2. Order forms to be handed out by Mr. Colquhoun’s
  2. Old business:
    1. Fundraisers
      1. All complete and monies are all accounted for.
    2. Honour Band Fundraiser:
      1. Coordinator was not present at meeting and little of the specifics are known. More information when available will be presented to the OMPA and then the executive and parents will discuss.
    3. New business:
      1. Coffeehouse:
        1. Theme: BROADWAY MUSICAL:
          1. Susan said that we already have most of the supplies for decorations from years past would only need between $80 and $100 for fairy lights. Using a black tophat and cutting out a Jazz  silhouette  to place on top the hat with maybe sheet music or piano keys to go around the hat.  With the addition of red and black napkins and tablecloths this event will look spectacular.
          2. Most of what we did last year will be the same with the use of the coffee and tea stations set up at the back and front of the gym and having cake and squares and cookies just simple. There was hardly any waste from last year and the cost is very minimum as most of the proceeds we want to go to OMPA
          3. This years date is confirmed to be March 28th Saturday usual start of 7pm and going to about 10pm.
          4. The thought that all bands will be involved in Coffeehouse not jus the honors band as the thought that would come and support which could mean more money is raised.
        2. Bottle drive:Feb 22nd in the Onoway school bus loop.
        3. Joe Saumer Cheques: OMPA receives many cheques and letters (possibly sent by little old ladies) that are very sweet but the cheques can not be used as is as they are made out to Joe Saumer memorial fund scholar ship. The only fund that OMPA is aware of is the GIC dedicated to this.  Currently we can not deposit or withdrawl until maturity.
          1. Our treasurer is suggesting that we OMPA draft a letter personalized to these individuals that have sent us a cheque thanking them for their contribution and briefly explain that at this time we can not cash said cheque, if they still wish to donate to make their cheques payable to OMPA with a note in the memo section : For Joe Saumer scholarship.
            1. Laura is going to work on this and present it later.
          2. Whistler trip:
            1. No new information other then what was mentioned previously in the minutes.
          3. ABIF
            1. See previous comments in these minutes.
          4. U of A information:
            1. Colquhoun informed the group that all the students who applied he forwarded the applications to U of A by the deadline and so he is still waiting to find out who made the cut. More information to follow.
          5. Any other dates:
            1. NO
          6. Treasurers Report:
            1. Andrew was not present but Laura did indicate that currently OMPA has About $10,000 in the bank and everything has been paid for and nothing is outstanding.
          7. Next meeting:
            1. Tuesday March 3,2020at 6pm
          8. Adjourment 6:55 pm

Please note these are the minutes as I heard and if anything is missing or if there are mistakes or missing information please let OMPA know and we will make any necessary corrections in the next minutes.

OMPA looks forward to meeting any band parents and supporters- please come out and support your child achieve success:

DATES to remember:

FEB 22 Bottle Drive

March 9th ABIF for Honors band

MAR 28th Coffeehouse



Roxane Normand

OMPA Secretary


Onoway Music Parent’s Association Society Bylaws  


 Article I.          The name of the organization is the Onoway Music Parent’s Association

Article II.        The objects of the organization are:

  1. To promote and maintain the enthusiastic interest in the programs offered by the Music Department of Onoway Junior/Senior High School
  1. To lend all possible support, both moral and financial, to the music programs in the school, and to provide social events, scholarships/awards and fundraising initiatives that will help facilitate excellent outcomes for music students and the music program of Onoway Junior/Senior High School
  1. To cooperate with the Director of Music Programs at the school, school administration, staff, volunteers and the school board, in order to help further build and maintain excellent music programs.

Article III.       Membership:

  1. Parents or guardians with a child enrolled in the music program will automatically be members of the Association.
  1. There are no membership fees
  1. Any member can withdraw from the Association by informing the Secretary in writing, or by email

Article IV.       Officers:

  1. The  officers  of  the  organization  shall  be  the  President,  Vice  President,  Secretary,

Treasurer, Past President, Director of Music, and up to three Members at Large – and will constitute the ‘Board of Directors’ and/or the ‘Executive of the Board’, and/or Executive Committee.

Article V.        Duties of Officers:

  1. The Board of Directors, subject to the Society’s bylaws, shall be responsible to manage the affairs of the Society.
  1. The Board of Directors shall serve to obtain the priorities of the music program as determined by the Director of Music Programs
  1. President: Shall be ex-officio on all committees. He or she will preside over all meetings of the Society and the Board. The President shall ensure that all filings and reports are done in accordance with Corporate Registries at Service Alberta. And that the Association will perform its duties in accordance with the bylaws and objects of the Associatio



Treasurer: Shall receive all monies paid to the Society and shall be responsible for the deposit  of  same  in  whatever  Bank  the  Board  may order.  He  or  she  will  properly


account for the funds of the Society and keep such books as may be directed. The


Treasurer will provide a full detailed account of receipts and disbursements (a report)

at all meetings. He or she will prepare and submit audited financial statements at the


annual general meeting, that portray the financial position of the Society, and will


submit a copy to the Secretary for the records of the Society.




Secretary: Shall to attend all meetings of the Society and of the Board, and to keep


accurate minutes of the same. The Secretary shall have charge of the Seal of the Society.

In case of the absence of the Secretary, the duties shall be discharged by such officer as


may  be  appointed  by  the  Board.   The   Secretary  shall  have  charge  of  all  the


correspondence of the Society.




Vice President: Shall take on the role of President in the absence of the President. The


Vice-President shall prepare to succeed the President, and participate in the work of





Members at Large: Shall support the management of the affairs of the Society, and help meet the priorities of the music program.




Director   of   Music   Programs:   Shall   provide   leadership,   recommendations,   and guidance  to  elected  officers  of  the  Board  regarding  the  priorities  of  the  Onoway


Junior/Senior High School Music Program. The Director of Music Programs shall be a


liaison between the membership (parents), the Executive, and School administration.




Past President: Shall provide guidance and support to the President, as well as to the



other members of the Board.


Article VI.




m limits for Officers:

  1. Elected officers can stand for one, two-year term in office.


Article VII.     Removal of Officers:

  1. Elected officers can be removed if it is determined they are not performing their duties and responsibilities. In such a case, a special meeting be called and a resolution be passed by the members present and that a two- thirds majority is needed to remove said officer from the Board.


  1. Annual General Meeting:
  2. The annual general meeting must be held within 60 days of the Society’s fiscal year

end. The Society year ends August 31.


  1. A quorum at the annual general meeting shall be at least 8 members.


  1. At the annual general meeting, the members will appoint the Director of Music Programs to the Board, and elect a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to 3 members at large. The officers and directors so elected, the Director of Music Programs, and the Past President shall constitute the board and shall serve until their successors are elected and installed. A vacancy can be filled at the next regular meeting by a member in good standing.


  1. Regular Board Meetings can be held as often as necessary, and will be called by the President. A quorum for such meetings will be 5 members of the Executive (or Board of Directors)


  1. General meetings, other than the Annual General Meeting, shall be held bi-annually

with at least 3 weeks’ notice sent via email. A quorum shall be 8 members.


Article IX.       Elections:

  1. A Nominations Committee made up of at least one member of the Board and 1 other member of the Society shall be appointed by the President at the final regular meeting of the fiscal year. The committee will prepare a report and present slate of officers to be considered for election at the Annual General Meeting.


  1. Nominations from the floor at the annual general meeting are acceptable, after the report from the nominations committee is presented.
  2. If not elected by acclimation, the election of any officer shall be by ballot. Article X.       Auditing:
  3. The books, accounts, and records of the Secretary and Treasurer shall be audited once

each year by a duly qualified accountant, or by two members of the Society for presentation at the Annual General Meeting. A complete and proper statement of the standing of the books for the previous year shall be submitted by such and at the annual general meeting of the Society. The fiscal year of the Society shall be August



  1. The books and records of the Society may be inspected by any member of the Society at the annual general meeting, or at any time giving reasonable notice. Each member of the Board shall at all times have access to such books and records.


  1. Signing authority will be held by the President, Vice President, and Treasurer. All cheques require two signatures.


  1. Any member who has not withdrawn from membership nor has been suspended or expelled as herein provided shall have the right to vote at any meeting. Such votes are to be made in person, not by proxy.


  1. Voting via email:  The  board of directors can hold a vote  via email in the  case  of emergent circumstances, or matters of business that are time sensitive and cannot wait for the next board or regular meeting.


Article X111.   Remuneration:

  1. There will be no remuneration given to elected officers or members of the Society for their services.


Article XIV.    Borrowing Powers:

  1. The Society will not borrow monies or enter into debentures


Article XV.      Bylaws:

  1. The Society can rescind, alter, or add a by-law by a Special Resolution at the Annual

General Meeting.


Article XV.      Dissolution:

  1. Should the Society dissolve, after paying all debts and liabilities, any assets remaining will be given to the Music Department of Onoway Junior/Senior High School.