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Wrap Around

A reminder to our parents and students- if you need anything or have any questions or concerns, please call or visit the Wrap Around at your soonest convenience.  The Wrap Around area is staffed every block of the day as well as lunch hour and before and after classes.  Please make use of this resource that is available to you.

Grade 12

Want to know how you did on your diploma exams? Check your marks on your MyPass account. Don't have an account? See Ms.Dundas to get yours set up!

The Wrap Around is always open if you have any questions or concerns regarding your graduation status or plans for after Grade 12.

Storwell Bursary Program

Storwell Self Storage offers an annual bursary of $2,000 to support foster children as they pursue their post-secondary education and to help them as they progress into a new and exciting stage of their lives.

See this LINK for requirements and application forms.

Post-Secondary Information

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  • Travelling and Studying Abroad- Students interested in travelling and studying abroad once they graduate should check out




  • NAIT - See a counsellor for more information or visit


  • U of A - To apply or for more information visit






Scholarships & Bursaries

 Attention Gr. 12 students!  Exciting scholarships & bursaries


Scholarship information is in the Grad Classroom and in the Wrap Around





Alberta scholarship and award deadlines and applications:

Scholarships & Awards Deadlines: 

It's important for students to leave as much time as possible to complete their scholarship applications. Many scholarships and awards have annual deadlines - and some have fall/winter session deadlines. 

Alberta's scholarships and awards are made available either by:

  1. Student Application- Student must complete and submit application.
  2. Nomination of Recipients- School/supporting organization must nominate and process application on behalf of the student.

Note: For nominated scholarships and awards, students must inquire about the school’s/sponsoring organization’s posted application deadline. This deadline typically falls months before the nomination deadline which is in place for the school/sponsoring organization to submit their nominations to Student Aid.

The deadlines for submitting completed applications and supporting documents required to apply for Alberta scholarships and awards varies according to each scholarship and award. 


This recently launched new website (  helps students find and apply for scholarships.

The site was created with the intent to help reduce student debt, which many students have to take on for post-secondary education. streamlines the scholarship process for students; all they have to do is create a simple profile and based on the information they provide (including school, field of interest, volunteer experience etc.)  we will match them to all of the scholarships that they qualify for.  ScholarTree is 100% free to students! To access the list of scholarships that students can apply for until the end of August visit the following link:  Summer Scholarship List