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   Daily Bulletin


September 17  Day 2

UPDATE TO OUR COVID PROTOCOLS (Effective today) - Superintendents met with Alberta Education during the day yesterday and have gotten some clarity around expectations in schools. We will be conducting ourselves much the same as last year. If you are seated in class in a row with students all facing the same way, you do NOT have to mask. If you work in groups or are moving about the room, mask up. In common spaces you must mask up. Keep distance as much as possible, but it is the masking that is of utmost importance. When eating, your mask is off, so try to be distanced and not eating in other people’s faces/personal space bubble. If in doubt, mask!

Thank you students for your cooperation yesterday in masking even in class. Now that the government has clarified to schools what is expected, we can breathe a bit more freely in our desks!!

SOCIAL MEDIA STRIKES AGAIN! Apparently on TikTok  there is a challenge for students to try to steal anything from school they can. From exit signs to urinal pucks, apparently this is what is “cool” to do, and has been happening at OJSH. I don’t know who would want to touch a urinal puck let alone keep it, but this is lame and gross, and considered theft. Please note there are cameras in the school. Students who take things or vandalize will be made to compensate the school for these items and face other consequences. We will also discuss with your parents/family why you are in such dire need of such items. If you want an exit sign, a urinal puck, or a roll of toilet paper, put it on your Christmas or birthday list. 

Today is School Spirit Day. Show your spirit by wearing OJSH apparel or anything green.

Northwest Fire Services is offering Firefighting training for students who are interested in building skills, building a resume, and it works to high school credits! More info to come. If this piqued your interest, let Mr. Jespersen know!! Fire Chief Ives will be coming soon to do a presentation today (Friday, Sept. 17) at 11:30AM in Room 164. All students that are interested are encouraged to attend. 

Parking Passes on sale today. See Constable Rusk in the main foyer to purchase. 

The University of Calgary is visiting our school Wed Sept 22.  If you are not in Biology 30 or Science 20 and would like to learn more about what this school offers - see Ms. Dundas or Mr. Bellerose

Outside of school hours - if you need to speak to someone:  

Kids Help Phone  1-800-668-6868     https://kidshelpphone.ca   Text:686868

ATHLETICS -   Volleyball Tryouts and Practice Schedule:

CHEER TEAM -   If you missed the “Try Cheer” practice last week, no problem!  We’re having a second “Try Cheer” on Thursday, September 16 from 6pm to 8pm in the gym. Students in Grades 9 through 12 are eligible.  If you’re interested in cheer but not sure if you’ll like it, that’s what this practice is for!  Absolutely no experience in cheer, dance, or gymnastics is required.  See Mrs. Elliott in Room 212 (Mrs. Wallace’s old room) to get the info letter and permission form BEFORE Thursday - you must have the permission form signed in order to participate.

CROSS COUNTRY RUN CLUB - If you are interested in joining the run club, please speak with Mrs. McNeice, Mrs. McNalley or Mr. Law for more details. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!!! All you need is an interest in becoming more active. Practices run Monday and Friday after school and Wednesday morning from 8:00-8:30. You do not need to commit to all three practices if you are unable. 

CAFE CORNER  - Daily Specials

Monday -

Tuesday - 

Wednesday -


Friday - 2 Piece Fish and Chips with Coleslaw $8.50

Weekly Special - Grilled Cheese and Soup with a Water $7.50

Soup Special - Chicken Cheddar Broccoli $4.00

Starting this week the cafe will not be serving fries, chicken burgers, chicken fingers or poutine on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please check the menu and specials for healthier options. Thank you for your understanding and continued support. - Mr. Galliford and Staff

GRAD 2022  -  There will be a meeting for all grade 12s Monday October 20 in the library at the start of noon hour.  All Grads are expected to attend.  Your class needs to elect a Graduating Class of 2022 President and Vice President who will act as your class’s spokespersons to the school administration and Grad parent group.  Nomination forms for these 2 positions will be available to pick up at the meeting.Make sure you are there to learn about this year’s Graduation! 

Grade 12s - Send Ms. Dundas or Mr. Bellerose your non-school email account  address - the one you are going to use to set up your MYPass account.  We will be visiting your class soon and we need your email address ahead of time.

JOB AVAILABLE -  The Onoway Arena is looking for students to work in the concession.  There are paid positions and students could also earn Work Experience credits. Requirements of the positions are:

The requirements for the position are , 16 years of age, able to work independently, able to follow direction, Must be comfortable cooking 

Must have good math skills for cashing

Must be friendly and comfortable with working with other staff and volunteers and have good customer service skills

Interested students should contact Mr. Jesperson.


University of Alberta Open House will be held virtually on Saturday, October 16, 2021. Students can attend online presentations, visit virtual faculty and service booths, and explore all the U of A has to offer. Registration is required and will be available on September 27. uab.ca/openhouse

SCHOLARSHIPS- Remax is offering 12 - $1000 bursaries for students who are involved in their community.  Key qualities students should demonstrate are leadership, motivation and communication skills.  Other attributes may include volunteering, participation in charitable events or fundraising, and contributions that enrich the lives of others and their communities. Go to https://www.remax-western.ca/blog/charities/   to apply. 

TUTORS NEEDED - If you are a high school student who would like to earn some extra money tutoring - please see Mr. Bellerose or Ms. Dundas.  

GYMLunch time gym schedule is posted on the gym doors

PARKING PASSES - Cts. Rusk will be selling parking passes on Friday. Stop by the office anytime after Wednesday to pick up the paperwork. Passes are $5.00 and you must show proof of insurance, registration, licensing.

Volleyball, I could be pretty good. After a few practices I could be that striker, or whatever they call it.

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