Important Grad Information

  • updated information for June 28, 2019 as of June 3
  • students are to be at school on June 28 by 12 NOON for 2 group pictures 
  • formal  dress wear first. then students change to their Cap and Gowm
  • Commencement ceremony starts at 2:30 pm on June 28, 2019 at the school
  • Each grad has 9 tickets for visitors for Commencement Ceremony
  • please fill out information if you DONT need all 9 tickets , or if students need MORE than the 9 tickets.



  • Ongoing information
  • Grad Photo Sign up sheets are in the office. Please come pick an appointment time.  There is a $25.00 sitting fee that is payable to the photographer at the time of photos. If you do not wish to purchase grad photos please sign up and get your photo taken for the yearbook and the composite photo in the hallway.
  • Grads - get your baby pictures and grad quotes emailed in to Mr. Butler ( no later than March.  If you need help scanning your picture - stop by the Wrap Around area.
  • See Ms. Dundas if you do not plan on taking part in the graduation dinner at the arena.
  • If the cost of grad is stressing you out - consider Grad Fair.  This is a great way to get fantastic clothes for Grad. MARCH 25 IS THE DAY TO “SHOP” AT GRAD FAIR - You must make an appointment - see Ms. Dundas, Mrs. Noyes,or  Mrs. Mahon to book your time.
  • IMPORTANT: IF YOU ARE A GRADE 12 STUDENT AND YOU HAVE NOT CONNECTED TO MYPASS YET - see Ms. Dundas to help you get your account set up.
  • All grads have a contact on the student grad council who passes along grad related information.  The student contacts have assured the grand parent liaison (Josie Puhov) that they are not having any issues with providing this information to the students. However,  many parents have come forward stating they are not getting the information. We have posted a list in the breakout room with each student and who their grad contact is.  If you are not getting this information please speak with you son or daughter and remind them to speak with their grad representative.
  • Any grad who would like to contribute photos to the grad slideshow shown on the day of grad please submit your photos via email by May 31st.  If you do not have a scanner please speak to the school for assistance. In an effort to try and ensure we don’t miss anyone we have divided it up by feeder school.  Please send it to the student’s school email address.  We do not want them going to a personal email account.  If you have photos of previous school events, of students or field trips sporting events, etc. Please forward those as well!  Onoway students send to Randi and Rebekah;Grasmere students send to Bailie and Hailey; Darwell sends to Maddy Johnson; Rich Valley sends to Jayde or Cara; all others send to Justine.

Grad 2019

 Sept 2018 


  • Class of 2019 eligibility - student handbook -pg8/9

  1. Northern Gateway Administrative procedures

AP 366 High school graduation ceremonies

By September 30, (2018) the principal shall establish a date


Grad 2019 tentatively set as FRIDAY JUNE 28, 2019

Commencement -cap and gown - @school at 330pm ( principal is working to change to 2:30 pm) 

Banquet and Dance -  at 530 pm- location to be determined by Grad Parent committee


Student Grad 2019 Committee-

Elections September 19  at NOON

Nominations open on September 17 - President / Vice President.

Each member of Grad 2019 gets a vote. 

The president and vice president will lead the process of developing appropriate student sub-committees .


Grad 2019 Parent Committee

A meeting is planned for WEDNESDAY September 26.@7pm for all 2019 grads and their parents.

At this meeting  Parents need to elect a 2019 Grad Parent Executive consisting of 

President/Vice president /Secretary and Treasurer 

At this meeting parents from the Grad 2018 committee will be ion attendance to hand over information to the newly elected Grad 2019 committee. 

The Grad 2019 parent executive will develop any appropriate sub-committees.

Grad parent executive determine dates for future meetings.