May 1 -School update from Principal Lobo

An update  has been sent to all Grad 2020 students and parents via email. 

It is posted at this link if you did not get it. 


GRAD PHOTOS- Update April 23, 2020


Onoway Jr/Sr High administration has been in close contact with the photographer  as we JUST MISSED OUR SCHEDULED PHOTO DAYS WITH COVID19 SCHOOL CLOSURE. We know students and parents are anxious to get the GRAD photo done, commemorating a big step in students lives.  As of now SMART photographer with whom we have a contract, is unable to accommodate the school at the present time as they are not considered an essential service.

The photographer has us very high on their list to move forward once restriction are lessened.  The photgrapher and school will work to ensure a safe working and social environment IF AND WHEN we get to this point as identified by Provincial Health decision makers.

OJSH will communicate  any updates  to students and parents .

We appreciate your patience, and will find a way to commemorate  the students of the Class of 2020 in a grad composite to hang on the school wall. 



Grad 2020 Baby Photos & Quotes

All of the 2020 Grad Class members are asked to submit their cutest baby photo and a suitable grad quote to be published in the yearbook. 

To submit, go to:

Grad 2020 Eligibility & Procedures Information

For eligibility, NGPS procedures, Grad 2020 date, student and parent executives, etc. , please click on this link: Grad 2020 

Grad Parents Association Ad Request Form

In order to offset some of the costs, graduates are selling advertising spots, displayed in a slide show video presentation that will continuously loop on a large projector screen for all attendees to see during the Graduation 2020 evening.

These .jpeg or .pdf ads offering best wishes and congratulations are a highlight of the evening and a great way to promote local businesses in front of a large audience.

To easily access and download the form go to: Ad Request Form

Grad Parents Association 2020 Minutes:November 18, 2019 6:00 p.m

Meeting called to order by Grad Parents Association

In Attendance:

Christy Travis, Melanie Fitzgerald, Charissa Morrill, Donna Homeak, Cheryl Perneel, Tracey James, Jen Syrnyk, Trisha Tibbo, Darel Lapachuk, Laurie Haggart, Jason Wildman, Laura Hannah, Carolyn Landals, Trina Lamarre, Leanne Sharrun, Bonnie Sandsbraaten, Kim Mahon, Nicole Jackson, Sandra Jasper, Tara Elwood, Christine Lapachuk, Sandra Possnett, Jarrod Brent, Lisa Johnson, Sandra Schneider, Craig McFetridge, Cheryl Chermishnuk, David Chermishnuk, Judy Kramer, TerriLynn Pitcher, Carolyn Strauch, David Kormos, Jodi Kormos, Steven Borle

President’s Report

Christy Travis announced Onoway Arena as the Venue decision based on the vote. Best methods of communication are 1) Grad parent email:, 2) Grad tab on the school website:, 3) Facebook Page: Onoway Grad 2020

Parents and Students. Reminder to keep Facebook comments positive as we want to create a positive experience for everyone involved and to keep in mind that there are graduates also following.

Treasurer’s Report

Corporate Registries dissolved the Grad Parents Association 2018/08/02. The past grad committee submitted a revival form along with $50 fee with 2016/2017/2018 financials on October 9, 2019. Waiting for Corporate Registry review. If dissolution stands:

-     The Association disbands

-     The bank account must be cleared and closed

-     All outstanding expenses paid

-     The rest of the money must be donated to non-profit  organizations

Grad Points

-     Grad Points to be converted to Grad ticket credit to be directly applied to Grad 2020 tickets. This credit will be in the Grad’s name and we will always be crediting the grad. The list with Grad list has been updated for clarification and points.

Money left over from 2019 Grad Parent Committee $4,265.00

Number of Grad Points awarded by last year’s committee is 266 points.

$4,265.00/266= $16.03 per point.

We are now starting with a balance of $0.00. There are no Grad Points moving forward. It is Grad Ticket Credit.


The budget is based on what we could pull from last year’s financials and reflects an increase due to the increase in graduates and inflation  of prices. If you are interested in looking at the 2020 budget, please make an appointment with Melanie Fitzgerald.

Budget is $69, 400.00

Advertisments (2@$75 for 85 grads), expected Bar Income and Hoodie Fundraiser is $20, 250.00

There are 900 tickets available

Each ticket will start at $55.00

There is $5000.00 in the budget for Grade 11 Volunteer Parents for the 2021 Grad. We will give them our schedule for volunteer requirements and they will set how that money will be applied to the hours they work for their own grad.

Money left over after all grad expenses have been paid (usually by September) will be refunded to the graduate as long as the surplus exceeds $25 per grad.

Carolyn Landals and Jennifer Syrnyk have volunteered to be the auditors that will review our financials in


Financial Statement

See attached. October is the financials from the previous grad committee. November reflects our financials as we were not given signing authority from the previous grad committee until October 31, 2019. Approved by Laurie Haggart and Carolyn Landals.

Next Meeting

February- Date and Time TBD

Additional meeting March/ April

Adjourned at 6:47 p.m.