Grad 2020 Eligibility & Procedures Information

For eligibility, NGPS procedures, Grad 2020 date, student and parent executives, etc. , please click on this link: Grad 2020 

Graduation Banquet Venue

The grad families have chosen Onoway Arena as the location for Grad 2020 banquet and associated activities.

It will be on June 26th, the same day as the  OJSH Graduation Ceremony.


Stawnichys Fundraiser:

(Please make cheques payable to Grad Parents Association)

  • Ensure Grad Student’s name is marked on the form.

  • Use Pen. No pencil.

  • Forms are due November 19, 2019.

Pick up will be December 13, 2019 after 3:30 pm.The profit you raise from this fundraiser will be directly applied to lower your ticket price.


Annual Movie Pass Fundraiser

November  4th -22nd


 ~ Movie Night Bundle (2 adult admission, 2 popcorn and 2 pop): $35.00 

~ Kids Movie Pack for 12 and under (admission, one kid’s pack including popcorn, drink and a candy treat): $15.00.

All proceeds will go to the School portion of the Grad Ceremony

Cheques can be made out to Onoway Junior Senior High School.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Levesque at 780-967-2271

Grad Parents Association Recap for October 2019


* All grads must sell a minimum of (2) $75 (no GST is charged on these ads) advertisements before the purchase of banquet tickets.  These can be sold to businesses or friends and family wishing grads all the best.  Ads can be sent to the above email address on a pdf and all cheques are made payable to: Grad Parents Association.

Grad Points

Grad points will be discussed at the next meeting on Monday November 18 @ 6pm. The profit you raise from fundraisers going forward will be directly applied to lowering your ticket.  All grad points will be posted by the end of the week on the school website under the grad link.  You will have until Nov 15 to discuss any discrepancies with the previous grad committee.  If there are any problems we will need conformation from that committee and no changes will be made after Nov 15. 

Grad Venue  (Comparisons to each venue below)

This year we have been asked about considering Rich Valley as a venue for Grad 2020.  We decided to have the students vote since it’s their grad and they should have a say in where they celebrate.  There was some concern from parents who also wanted a say and as a result we will open up the voting to (1) vote per grad family.  Please talk it over as a family and send an email with your preferred choice of venue along with the name of the student graduating.  We will tally up all emails that come in until Nov 15 and at that time a final venue will be decided so we can move on. If you have no access to a computer to place a vote you can call or text the name of your grad and the venue to Christy Travis @ (780)720-4793

** There will be the same budget regardless of venue and after careful consideration this grad committee is NOT prepared to organize an Aftergrad at any location **

Advantages to Onoway

- location to school for decorating and travel between venues

- fewer table and chair rentals

- central location for families travelling to venue

Advantages to Rich Valley

- kitchen available for caterer use

- accessibility of bathrooms

- lots of parking available

- hall use to bring grads through rather than tent rental

It really comes down to location of venue vs amenities of venue.  Both are great options.  Please discuss with family to see which building is best suited to your preference.

Email name of grad and venue preference to: by Friday Nov. 15 2019