Covid 19 info

Day-to-day at OJSH

The following outlines how we will proceed with our days here at OJSH and are current as of Sep. 16, 2021.

Please note these can change on short notice depending on orders from the Chief Medical Officer of Health or the Alberta Government.


MASKS - Mandatory in all spaces where students cannot be 2meters/6feet apart



  1. Only main doors will be used
  2. Staggered entry by buses
  3. Supervisors in foyer insist on students sanitizing hands
  4. Staff will encourage and remind students to socially distance
  5. Students wear masks upon entry


*Lockers will be assigned to JH students. SH may request one.



  1. Sanitizing hands encouraged upon entry to classroom
  2. Seating to create as much distance as possible (like last year)
  3. Masks for independent seating that cannot maintain a 2m distance from each other
  4. Masks for partner or group work
  5. Sanitizing desks at end of class 
  6. Students may move from class to class with masks on
  7. Sanitize hands before and after using any shared materials



  1. Students and staff may move about with masks on
  2. Staff will encourage and remind students to socially distance
  3. Only main doors may be used for entry 



  1. Only main doors may be used
  2. Closed campus for 8 and 9 (no up town - see handbook), SH can go as usual.
  3. Cafeteria service available
  4. No vending machines, no microwaves, drinking from fountain is discouraged, please bring water bottles to use at fill stations

Various activities will be running during the lunch hour at school and students may also be outside on school property enjoying nicer days and more space


Dismissal - staggered dismissal

  1. JH dismissed at 3:20
  2. SH at 3:25