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Drama 10/20/30 Presents "In Memoriam" 

Mr. Frederick’s Drama 10/20/30 class presented their play In Memoriam to students and staff on May 30th.

The class has been preparing for and in rehearsal for their play since March. Almost all of the production from acting to stage management was done by students during their drama class.

In Memoriam is a 35-minute mystery that takes place on isolated Castle Island during the 1940s.  Five strangers have been invited to the island for a house party that turns into a nightmare as one person after the other is mysteriously murdered. The plot thickens with each death until only two guests remain. Then comes the surprise—but completely satisfying—ending.

All of the preparation certainly paid off as the students put on a professional and highly entertaining production.

Drama 10/20/30 Presents In Memoriam 


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